DJ Plant Bass – All About Plant Bass Funk mixtape 2018

What better DJ rotation than a crop rotation? DJ Plant Bass has got a brand new thing: All About Plant Bass.

DJ Plant Bass has assembled a crack team of funker/gatherer agrigeniuses to feed you above and beyond your recommended daily intake of all vitamins and minerals. Competitors may compost, but do they do the funky worm?

Nothing like beets blended w/ harmony grits that rid the rhythmless of Rigor Mortis! All about Plant Bass, brought to you by your neighborhood friendly hemp milkman, whose crates are deeper than the roots of your favorite pair of boogie boots. Dig?

Meet local farmers, one on one at the urban garden on Funk Street. Make the melody your meal replacement, and Shake It Off. Wash it all down with an Ice Breaker to steer clear of a Strokety Stroke.

Save up ALL your seeds…the harvest is here.