“pl8” food documentary

Isn’t a plants-only diet a:
-boring diet of deprivation?
-white thing?
-nightmare of proteinlessness that will kill you skinny?
-hippie thing?
-delusional aim to reduce animal suffering?
-hater of my culture’s traditional/ancient/indigenous foods?!
-luxury that oppressed people cannot afford?
-waste of time when a pill or sugery can fix your body?

pl8 (pronounced “plate”) is a documentary/mixtape concerning our food choices and the fate of the planet, and also seeks to address the above questions. The health, wellness, ethical, economic and environmental aspects of diet are all considered by:

Huey and Riley Freeman
John Robbins
T. Colin Campbell
Milton Mills
Tracye McQuirter
David Robinson Simon
Neal Barnard
Dominick Thompson
John McDougall
Michael Klaper
Will Tuttle
John Lewis
Rich Roll
David Carter
Breeze Harper
Richard Oppenlander
Christopher Sebastian McJetters
Brenda Davis
Mark Hyman
Alan Goldhamer
Kim Williams
Ruth Sanderson-Dredge
Marcus Dredge
Gary Francione
Michael Greger
Joel Fuhrman
David Katz
Bruce Friedrich
James Serpell
Dean Ornish
William Li
Rip Esselstyn
David Satcher
Afya Ibomu
Layla Abdel Rahim
Liz Marshall
Marion Nestle
Kip Pastor
Sandra Higgins
Nathan Runkle
Peter Singer
Howard Lyman
Zoe Weil
Vandana Shiva
Mike Adams
Michael Bernard Beckwith